Strange Feeling

A Strange Feeling | short film shot on iPhone 7 Plus from Rise and Shine Films on Vimeo.


Late one night, all Paul wants is to cuddle up to his girlfriend and get some sleep. But as he finds her wide awake and scared out of her wits, things start to get strange.

Story adapted from the "Two Sentence Horror" series.

Cast: Dinah Marti and William Bird
Director & Writer: Philipp Andonie
Producer: Manuel Imboden
Colorist: Sven Brauchli
Production Assistant: Jacqueline Passos
Music: Blaick - Dreaming Lucifer

Gear: iPhone 7 Plus, 1.33x Anamorphic Lens and mounting plate by Moondog Labs, BeastGrip Pro and upgrade kit for iPhone 7 Plus, Xtorm Powerbank XB100 and XB102, 2 Dedolight DLH-4 (rented at, Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter, VX7c (discontinued), Sennheiser AVX, Røde Micro Boompole Pro, AKG cardioic mic.