iPhone 11 + Moondog Labs

iPhone 11 Pro

UPDATED: February 4, 2020

Since the iPhone 11 release in September 2019, creators have been craving for a way for filters cover all lenses at once. So we do what we did best, create something that helps creators create.

We’re thrilled to introduce our Multi-Camera Filter Mount, which lets you cover all iPhone cameras simultaneously with one clever setup. 


UPDATED: December 16, 2019

From our testing of recently released Moment iPhone 11 case solutions, we recommend either their iPhone Photo Case or iPhone Filmmaker Case as these cases have a built-in bayonet mount.  The iPhone Thin Photo Case has a removable lens mount and a nice look and feel, but our tests have shown it can be unstable when attaching and removing accessory lenses. 

Check out our bayonet case availability data to see which devices we've tested and approved. We will continue to test more iPhone 11 bayonet mount cases as they become available.


UPDATED: December 4, 2019

Various cases for iPhone 11 models are currently being tested with our bayonet anamorphic lens. We will be able to release our results in the coming days. 


UPDATED: November 20, 2019

To make our lenses as accessible as possible for filmmakers across the globe, we’re now offering a version of our industry leading anamorphic lens with a bayonet mount.  Our new bayonet-mount lens can be used with a broad range of mobile devices when mounted on one of a wide array of cases available from brands like SIRUI, Moment, and RhinoShield.

Moondog Labs - 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - Bayonet Lens

You can expect the same exceptional image quality and optics from these bayonet mount lenses as all Moondog Labs lenses. The only difference from our previous lens models is how the lens attaches to your mobile device.

For a full list of available cases with bayonet-style lens mounts across the range of mobile devices, check out our Bayonet Case Availability Chart.  To date, the only announced iPhone 11 Bayonet Case option is from Moment; it is expected to begin shipping at the end of November/early December.  As new cases become available, we will update our Availability Chart with the latest information.

Want to change your 12.5mm thread lens to a bayonet-style mount? No worries. We have you covered. We set up a program for Moondogs who have purchased our 12.5mm system but would like to switch to the bayonet-style mount. Click here to learn more.

Another great option for pairing Moondog Labs lenses with iPhone 11 is by using a Lens Mounting Plate in combination with a BeastGrip Pro rig.  Our new 37mm Mounting Plate works seamlessly with our 37mm threaded lens to support the latest iPhones as well as most Android phones. The new 12.5mm Mounting Plate takes it one step further, and works with both 12.5mm and 37mm threaded lenses. Both mounting plates are available for pre-order and will ship mid-December.  


UPDATED: November 4, 2019

We are moving forward with a case mounting solution, however, this design will not function with RhinoShield iPhone 11 case options. We expect to have more concrete details to share in the coming weeks. 

As we finalize our case mounting solution, check out some test footage from smartphone filmmaker and educator Robb Montgomery as he put his 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - 37mm thread on a 37 mm Anamorphic lens mounting plate - for BeastGrip Pro combined with his iPhone 11 Pro Max.


ORIGINAL POST September 12, 2019:

On Tuesday September 10th, Apple announced their latest iPhone update.  If you're looking to upgrade, what does the new iPhone 11 mean for you and your MDL labs gear?  

First, let's review the new (rear) camera specs:

iPhone 11

Ultra-wide: 13mm equivalent focal length, F/2.4, 12MP

Wide: 26mm equivalent focal length, F/1.8, 12MP


iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max 

Ultra-wide: 13mm equivalent focal length, F/2.4, 12MP

Wide: 26mm equivalent focal length, F/1.8, 12MP

Tele: 52mm equivalent focal length, F/2.0, 12MP


Based on our initial assessment, we expect our anamorphic lenses will work well with the wide and tele cameras for the new iPhones.  The field of view of the ultra-wide camera is too wide to support use with accessory lenses.

We will complete our testing later this month. We’re also working with our case manufacturer (RhinoShield) to determine if it’s practical to introduce a case + mount for the new phones that supports an attachment for the wide and tele, but at the same time doesn’t interfere with the ultra-wide camera’s field of view.  In the meantime, our 37mm threaded version paired with a rig is likely a great option for those who can’t wait to shoot anamorphically.


Oh, and this pretty pup gives a whole new meaning to the term 'moondog.' 🌕🐕