MoMo Film Fest

MoMo Film Fest


Moondog Labs is proud to be an official partner of this year's Mobile Motion Film Festival (aka MoMo Film Fest), an international smartphone festival that's changing the way the world thinks about storytelling.

Festival co-founder Andrea Holle shares the festival's story and its mission from the TED stage:

Entering into its fifth year, BBC World News called the festival "one of the most interesting and exciting events from around the world."  The festival is packed with networking events, talks, masterclasses, filmmaker meetups and of course, the best films shot on smartphones. 


MoMo Fest Q&A


Besides existing as a festival, MoMo has also become a go-to source for the latest in mobile filmmaking tech. Writer, director and MoMo co-founder Simon Horrocks regularly posts insightful articles which we generally share on our Twitter feed. But if you'd like the information directly from the source, we suggest giving @sihorrock and @momofilmfest a follow.

Mobile Motion Film Festival takes place May 11-12, 2019 in Zürich, Switzerland.  Program details for the two days are available. 

We'll share more information on the festival as it draws near. You can also learn more and subscribe to MoMo's newsletter on their website.

Photos courtesy of Mobile Motion Film Festival