52mm Filter Mount - for Moment v.2 Wide Angle Lens

This custom mount enables the use of any 52mm filter with the Moment v. 2 Wide Angle Lens. For other Moment lenses, use our 52mm Filter Mount - for Moment Lenses®.

For shooting video in bright outdoor settings, neutral density filters will slow down camera exposure times and eliminate motion artifacts (a.k.a. "stuttering"). A circular polarizer can be used to suppress reflections in order to enhance water and window shots. And other specialty filters can open up a world of organic creative effects. 

System compatibility
  • Compatible with Moment v.2 Wide Angle Lens only
  • Mass: 15 grams
  • Counterweights are recommended for gimbal-mounted shooting.
    • Moment v.2 Wide Angle Lens weighs 76 grams

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