Lens Mounting Kit for Sony RX0 / RX0ii

The Moondog Labs Lens Mounting Kit for Sony RX0 / RX0ii provides everything needed to attach the Moondog Labs 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - 37 mm to the ultra-compact, rugged Sony RX0 or Sony RX0ii digital camera for cinematic 4K video on an industry-leading 21 MP 1" sensor.

The kit includes a faceplate with 37mm lens mounting thread that attaches securely to the camera body.  The kit also includes a 37 - 52mm step up ring for attaching Moondog Labs filters (or any standard 52mm filter) directly to the Sony RX0 / RX0ii, as well as all tools needed to attach the faceplate (see details tab).

Kit includes:
  • RX0/RX0ii Faceplate with 37mm mounting thread
  • 37-52mm Step-up Ring
  • Torx screwdriver*
  • Phillips screwdriver*
  • 4 Phillips head screws*
  • *Factory-installed faceplate on the RX0ii comes with Torx screws; we include Phillips screws to provide a more universal option. Either screws can be used to attach the faceplate.
System compatibility
  • Use with 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - 37 mm Thread
    • NOTE: Anamorphic Lens - 37mm Thread purchases made prior to December 2018 (SKU #05141) will exhibit some vignetting on the RX0.
  • Use with Sony RX0 or Sony RX0ii (available from Sony or Sony-authorized resellers).
  • The RXO/RX0ii with Lens Mounting Kit is not waterproof. (Despite advertised uses, the RX0/RX0ii by itself is not guaranteed to be waterproof.)
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