52mm Neutral Density Filter

Neutral density filters are critical for controlling camera exposure and ensuring smooth video when shooting brightly lit scenes. Still photographers appreciate the flexibility filters allow to control exposure times and adapt to ambient lighting. Available in different optical densities to meet a wide range of shooting conditions (see details).

  • Compatible with all 52mm filter mounts, threaded top and bottom
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Dual-sided nano and multilayer anti-reflection coatings
  • Water, stain, and scratch resistant
  • Ultra-low color cast

Our professional line of custom ultra-thin, ultra-light, robust filters was designed specifically for mobile applications in collaboration with the NiSi Cinema Filter Group.

  • ND4: Provides 2 stops of attenuation suitable for outdoor or bright indoor scenes.
  • ND8: Provides 3 stops of attenuation - a great mid-range option for many typical outdoor scenes.
  • ND16: Provides 4 stops of attenuation suitable for brightly lit outdoor scenes.
  • 3.7 mm overall thickness
  • Schott B270 glass substrate
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