Universal Counterweight

This compact counterweight makes it easy to balance your gimbal when using your favorite accessory lens.  Adjustable for compatibility with most mobile gimbals and devices, it is the most flexible counterweight solution available.

  • Attaches to the gimbal balance arm in seconds with a secure rotating clamp mechanism 
  • Two detachable weights (25 g, 50 g) are included to maximize balance range (50, 75, 100, 125 g)
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices using our anamorphic lenses or other accessory lenses, with or without added filters (see details tab)
  • Works accessory lenses weighing 40-100 grams, depending on the gimbal and device used
System compatibility
  • Mass: 50 grams (base) with 50 and 25 gram add-on weights
  • Size: counterweight clamp opens to 24mm
  • Tested gimbals:
    • DJI Osmo
    • DJI Osmo 2
    • Zhiyun Smooth Q
    • Zhiyun Smooth 3
    • Zhiyun Smooth 4
    • Moza Mini-Mi
    • Smove Mobile
    • Flowmotion One
    • Freevision Vilta-M
    • FeiyuTech G4 Pro
  • Not compatible with Movi Freefly Cinema Robot.
  • For a detailed list of tested Universal Counterweight + iPhone + gimbal combinations see our counterweight compatibility summary for details.

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