FiLMiC Firstlight Photography App

FiLMiC Firstlight App Icon

For the most control over your #shotonmobile photos, we suggest using FiLMiC Firstlighta revolutionary camera app from the makers of FiLMiC Pro cinema video camera that makes live photography fun and creative. 

Firstlight combines custom film simulations, adaptive film grain and FiLMiC Pro’s famous live analytics to offer an advanced but approachable front end camera experience like no other.

Your Moondog Labs anamorphic lens works in tandem with all of these features.  With the anamorphic setting engaged (available with premium upgrade), Firstlight will add a 1.33X de-squeeze to both the image preview and the final saved image. Meaning you won't have to de-squeeze in post production, and you'll be able to post those gorgeous wide-format photos directly from your mobile device.

See the video below for a quick intro on how turn on the anamorphic de-squeeze setting:

Firstlight is is fast, easy and intuitive. It lets you envision and capture your best moments in camera, without having to spend hours editing your photos later. Shoot and share, it’s that easy. 

For a full tutorial that includes an introduction to all the app's features, watch the video below:

Firstlight is currently only available on iOS devices, however, FiLMiC is hard at work on a version for Android. For all the latest from FiLMiC follow them on Twitter