Film Societies & Clubs

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Film societies and "cineclubs" foster screen works that would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas. These organizations often fulfill an educational mission, teaching filmmaking techniques and introducing new audiences to different audiovisual works through an organized and prepared program of screenings.

Screenings help educate participates by beginning with an introduction of the film to the audience, and end with a discussion about the film, perhaps even featuring the filmmakers themselves.  

Organizations like the  American Film Institute, Global Cinematography Institute, and many others are organized into collective and local networks. Look for film societies near you for more information.

Below are examples of one such organization and how they use Moondog Labs gear to enhance their programs.

Established in Melbourne's West in 2016 as a a non-profit incorporated association, Cinespace collaborates with people from culturally-diverse and under-represented communities across Victoria through a variety of programs to develop skills, produce work, and build communities and creative careers. 

Cinespace supports Victorian screen industry and Australian screen culture in ensuring that it is representative of the broader inter-cultural community. We work to create greater cultural diversity on screen and behind the scenes. 

Smartphone Stories is a community-based filmmaking project partnership with Cinespace founder and trainer Daniel Schultheis using mobile devices to shoot, edit and distribute original stories. With the democratisation of screens, anyone is empowered to be a creator as well as a consumer. Smartphones also have some unique and specific creative advantages over more traditional means of production.

Moondog Labs is proud to partner with Daniel and Cinespace by providing product bundles like our Anamorphic Filmmaker Kit or Filter Kit to help educate their members on how filmmakers achieve the look and feel of their Smartphone Stories.


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