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Remote Learning with Mobile Creator Summit


Teaching in a COVID / post-COVID world has forced many educators to adapt to virtual learning. When it comes to educating youth in video story telling, there are various way to keep students engaged and learning while everyone is in the comfort of their homes. Here are some best practices:

    1. Use remote film review sessions like game film to foster healthy competition and collaboration.
    2.  Set up a private online group (e.g. Facebook) for students to comment on each others work. Require positive feedback before criticisms are allowed.
    3. Challenge students to find lighting in their home to set up a proper 3-point lighting scheme (example below).
    4. Set up and shoot virtual interviews with an industry professional or educator. Mount your own phone camera as if you were doing a shot-reverse-shot conversation edit. 
    5. Kids, in particular, respond well to challenge-based prompts for assignments. Show them a video example and ask them to execute a re-creation (with lighting, story, audio, editing etc.).


 Lighting Setup Assignment

 Natural Side FillLight Setup 1

 + Back LightLight Setup 2

+ Key Light

Light Setup 3

Happy Video Conference!

Happy Video Conference


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