• Moondog Labs’ anamorphic adapter is, in my opinion, the best smartphone lens out there.

    Matteo Bertoli
    director and cinematographer

  • I'm loving the Moondog Labs lens, awesome and purposeful creative tool for the iPhone. It's the first and so far only lens attachment that I will actually use.

    Richard Lackey
    smartphone filmmaker | cinema camera & post specialist

  • We're incredibly excited to be working with Moondog Labs to develop the software solution for their wonderful Anamorphic Adapter. The build quality is out of this world - you guys will love it!

    FiLMiC Pro

  • I work as a TV Photographer at Norwegian TV2. And after 4 days with Moondog´s Anamorphic Lens Adapter for iPhone 6 I can just tell you: I LOVE IT!

    Goran Jorganovich
    photographer & videographer

  • I never shoot videos without this lens anymore. I don't know any camcorder which can give me this kind of professional looking videos. I really love this product.

    Dennis Koellner

  • The adapter is already being recognized as a potential game-changer in the industry and it will be interesting to see the impact the accessory has on the smart movie-making community.

    Videomaker Magazine

  • There are all kinds of iPhone lens adapters in the market today, but there’s really only one that'll give your footage that nice, organic cinematic feel and that’s the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter.

    smartphone filmmakers

  • Excellent lens, I think I don't shoot anything anymore without it! Fast delivery, high quality materials, I am very satisfied and can just highly recommend.

    Zoltán Kanovits
    advertising & print media

  • Sorry everyone, no time to talk, I'm too busy shooting Wes Anderson remakes with my iPhone 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter.

    commercial photographer & videographer

  • Awesome anamorphic lens for full resolution iPhone filmmaking. A must for any serious iPhone filmmaker. Check it out.

    Navyo Ericsen

  • This is something you most certainly can't fake in software. Hell, you even get the cool flat anamorphic lens flare.

    Cult of Mac