Horror Shorts

Filmmaker Stephen J Reid produced this micro horror short filmed on an iPhone 6s and the Moondog Labs 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - Clamp-on. It's a grim reminder that something could be out there and not to mention... winter is coming. 





In 2018, Sennheiser proudly presents Final Stop, a 3D audio thriller featuring immersive binaural audio captured with the AMBEO SMART HEADSET. For the best experience, watch with any high-quality headphones. Shot entirely on a smartphone with a Moondog Labs 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - Clamp-on.





Be careful what you click.... Filmmaker Ryan Phillips put a modern twist on this horror short which will certainly get you in the Halloween spirit. Clickbait was shot on iPhone using a Moondog Labs anamorphic and FiLMiC Pro

In a tweet from @RyanFilmmaker in September of 2019, Ryan said: 

Just submitted my film Clickbait to the @FiLMiCPro #FiLMiCFest . It’s a real privilege because, without this app, and the @MoondogLabs lens, I wouldn’t of been able to make the film.




An ordinary food delivery turns frightening for one man when he meets his strangest customers yet.  Created by Namroc Doan for the #myrodereel2020. In his Instagram post, Namroc says:

"I wanted to be creative during COVID so I made this short film. No crew, no actors, no worries - I asked the fam to do both. Did I gain 12 lbs for this role? Maybe."

Shot on the IPhone with @moondog_labs anamorphic lens. Sound recorded with @rodemic and @zoomsoundlab