Smartphone Hood

Make location shooting easier with the Moondog Labs Smartphone Hood. This versatile, light-weight hood blocks stray light and provides shade, enhancing visibility on your screen. The Smartphone Hood kit includes:

  • Smartphone Hood
  • Cloth Hood Extension
  • Hood Clamps (6)

The durable elastic band wraps around the camera side (back) of your mobile device and attaches via velcro, securely affixing the hood in place against the edge of your phone's screen. 

Two sizes are available to accommodate various phone sizes. Be sure to select the correct size when ordering. Visit the Details tab on this page to determine which size is best for your smartphone. 

The XL Smartphone hood is compatible with the i15 Pro Max and the Regular Smartphone Hood is compatible with the i15 Pro and i15. 

Compatible with Moondog Labs lenses and filter mounts, BeastGrip Pro rigs, and most tripod mounts and drone controllers with vertical-style clamps. Cutouts allow for access to the phone's charging port. 

You can find this product at our Amazon store.

Smartphone Hood Compatibility Chart

Refer to the following table to select which size Smartphone Hood works best with your model of iPhone. For non-iPhone users, select the Regular size for devices <151mm in height and XL size for devices >152mm.

Smooth-Q/Osmo 2 Table

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