iPhone 11 + Moondog Labs

Looking to go anamorphic with your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max? We offer several solutions for pairing our Moondog Labs anamorphic lenses with the iPhone 11 series phones. Here's what you need: 


The 1.33X Anamorphic Lens - Bayonet Mount is ideal for working with a bayonet mount case. For the iPhone 11 series, you will need a Moment M-series case. These are not available for purchase from Moondog Labs. For iPhone models 8 - X, we offer Rhinoshield cases that are compatible with our bayonet mount lens.




For those who are interested in a larger setup, there are three Moondog Labs anamorphic lens and Beastgrip Pro mounting plate options that are compatible with the Beastgrip Pro rig:
All setups will work with the new iPhone 11 series as well as previous iPhone models.




To use filters with your anamorphic lens, a 52mm Filter Mount and 52mm ND and CPL filters are available from Moondog Labs.

To use filters on your iPhone 11 series phone cameras without an accessory lens, you need our Moondog Labs 52 mm Multi-Camera Filter Mount (MCFM, Patent Pending). This mount lets you cover all iPhone cameras simultaneously with one clever setup. This is one of our most popular products!

All iPhone 11 models use our Multi-Camera Filter Mount Version 2A. If you have a different phone model, please refer to the Details section on the product page, which has a chart for deciding which version (V2A or V2B) is the right one for your setup.




When our original Multi-Camera Filter Mount released, Blake Calhoun of iPhoneographers released this review video:  


 If you have additional questions email hello@moondoglabs.com