Creativity in Quarantine

From all of us here at Moondog Labs, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these trying times. 

As many across the world continue to quarantine, we are inspired by the will of the human spirit. Not only is our global society doing their part to #StayHome, but while keeping our distance physically, we've come together creatively. 

From GoPros to iPhones, creatives of all kinds are finding their way of telling their story through filmmaking and photography while in quarantine. Continue reading to see some motivation from filmmaker challengers, retrospective from mobile filmmakers, and free education from FiLMiC and Luma Touch. 


Stuck in quarantine and can't get your hands on all the gear you need? This fun video from 5-Minute-Crafts will get you filmmaking with household items. 



This video by YouTuber Jordi Koalitic peels back the curtain on some unique shots you can capture at home with your mobile device utilizing FiLMiC Firstlight. 




Looking to share your isolated creativity with the world? Here are some of the unique challenges circulating the internet:

If you know of more, or host one yourself, let us know by using the contact form on our website.




With mobile photography and filmmaking, more creatives than ever have the opportunity to tell the story of the moment. Below are a mobile-made films that share the story of COVID-19.  

Award winning filmmaker Cassius Rayner captured some chilling images in his home city of London. Utilizing an iPhone 11 Pro, Moondog Labs Anamorphic and FiLMiC Pro, he shows the once-bustling city streets brought to silence during this pandemic...

Filmmaker and cyclist  Terry Barentsen is usually weaving through traffic as he bikes the city streets of New York. Now he has them all to himself. Shot on Sony RX0ii using the Moondog Labs Lens Mounting Kit.




Mobile Creator Summit

"A virtual gathering of the world’s best mobile video filmmakers, journalists and storytellers to inspire, share insights, and teach new skills." -

FiLMiC Pro and Luma Fusion brought this FREE event to creatives around the world. 4 days / 32+ speakers  /  20+ hours of content.


Check out the replays from events below:


Week 1 - April 17th Event

Session one focuses on mobile filmmaking and session two features vloggers and content creation:


Week 2 -  April 24th Event

This event which focuses on mobile documentary in the first session and mobile journalism in the second session:

Week 3 -  May 1st Event

Session one provides a view into the evolving world of mobile content education, while session two does a deep dive into mobile filmmaking.


Week 4 - May 9th Event

The entire finale features storytellers and innovators.