Moondog Labs at Home in France's Film Institution


Moondog Labs is proud to be partnering with mk2, an "art-house cinema that takes a unique critical view of the world whilst reinventing the filmmaking process" (mk2 website). 

Select Moondog Labs products can be found at mk2 Bibliothèque's 600 square meter store at 128 avenue de France 75014 Paris. This site is a celebration of cinema featuring literature, gadgets, and filmmaking technology. 

In addition to its network of 26 cinemas across Europe, the mk2 Bibliothèque multiplex is France's third biggest cinema, and the group's flagship location. It welcomes 1.8 million cinema goers every year.  It also "presents diverse programming that breaks down the barriers to cinema, opening it up to all forms of culture. Its walls exhibit works by artists; its screens foster dialogue between disciplines" (mk2 website). 

For more information on mk2 theaters, visit their website, and for more information on mk2 Bibliothèque, click here