Berlengas Island Cup 2018


Two communities compete in an intense football match as part of a decades-old rivalry. To the surfers of Baleal and the fishermen of Peniche, this game decides not only who is the best on the field, but who is bravest at sea.

Shot in neutral territory on the scenic Island of Berlengas, the story was filmed on a handheld iPhone 8 and iPhone X with the FiLMiC Pro app and primarily used Moondog Labs’ Anamorphic Lenses. Berlengas Island Cup 2018 was one of three featured entries in Apple’s World Cup challenge.

Directors: Pedro Patrocinio and André Braz
Writers: Pedro Patrocinio and André Braz
Cinematography: Pedro Patrocinio and André Braz
Starring: The surfers of Baleal, Portugal and the fishermen of Peniche, Portugal
Produced by: BRO Cinema and Object & Animal
Filmed for Apple