New Zealand

Filmmaker / Photographer Mathieu Stern recently traveled to New Zealand and captured the stunning landscape through the glass of his Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens. Read on to learn more form Mathieu himself about the trip and his process:

"I spent a month in New Zealand shooting my trip mainly with the anamorphic lens and an iPhone 8+, for the walking scenes I used a smartphone gimbal [Zhiyun Smooth 4] with a DIY counterweight made of coins. [Author's Note: We made sure Mathieu got a Universal Counterweight for his next trip :) ]

I used FiLMiC Pro for de-squeezing the footage and an external USB key to save most of it.

I think the landscapes of New Zealand are the perfect place for cinemascope footage, also the fact that the country is famous for being the set of the LOTR movies helped a lot to imagine my own cinematic experience.

This lens [Anamorphic Lens - Clamp-on for iPhone 8+] gave me the motivation to look into bigger anamorphic lenses for my full-frame camera and it was a very interesting first step into the anamorphic universe."

Mathieu has a popular YouTube channel where he dives into photography and "weird lenses." Definitely worth checking out.